What is TYO?

The Young Ones is a Melbourne-based publication that takes an in-depth look at what it’s like to be a creative in today’s world. Through our online profiles and print conversations, we tell the real stories of the design industry—including the good, the bad and the ugly-cries. Founded on the idea that pursuing a career in creativity is never straightforward, TYO sits down with creatives at different stages of their careers and ask them about their day-to-day, even if that means working in their pajamas. We’re not interested in glamourising the industry; we’re showing that it’s comprised of valuable jobs that have their fair share of detours. Our aim is to highlight the passion and grit that exist in each of the individuals we interview, and to connect you to those same artists’ journeys. Why? Because we believe that these are the stories that inspire. And we can all use a bit more of that. So whether you’re a designer, an illustrator, a writer or just someone that’s curious about creativity, welcome. We’re TYO. Nice to meet you.


Who is TYO?

TYO is a small group of Melbournians that took the unconventional route to design. Just like the people we profile, we juggle many things and wear many hats. To put it simply, we are full-time designers, editors, managers and small business owners all rolled into one.
Enter Katarina, Petrea and Laura.
Katarina Matic is one of the two co-founders and art directors behind TYO. But surprise, she started out in politics. After graduating from uni with a degree in international politics, she felt a bit lost and spent two years soul searching for a career that suited her. It was then that she stumbled on graphic design. Soon after, Kat returned to school and enrolled in RMIT’s Diploma of Graphic Design course (which she swears is the best decision she’s ever made). From there, she fell in love with design and the power that it has in the communication of ideas. The rest is history. Since then, she’s established herself as a designer at Leo Burnett, Melbourne, and pours her eye and expertise into TYO.
Belief: People aren’t just born designers. A lot of us pivot. And that’s perfectly okay. It’s important and rewarding to share our stories so people know that it’s normal.

Petrea Dickinson is the other co-founder and art director behind TYO. She’s also our resident fangirl. She kicked off her career by studying arts and law at Monash, and continued on to work as a practising commercial litigation lawyer for three years. But in the hustle of the rat race, something didn’t quite fit. She had an itching desire to pursue her creative side, so she headed back to uni to explore the industry that intimidated her most. After graduating from RMIT’s Diploma of Graphic Design course, she helped found TYO and took the design industry by storm. Since then, she’s worked for various human centered design projects and is currently encouraging a design-led approach to government projects within the Department of Education. ‘Intimidation’—yeah right.
Belief: We have to share the realities of life as a creative. It’s the only way to change the perception of design. It’s not some exclusive club. Everyone is born creative.

Laura McLean is the production manager behind TYO (i.e. she keeps everything going). She studied arts and law at Monash University alongside Petrea, but guess what: she spent her first year in the field day-dreaming about creative projects. She knew it wasn’t the place for her, so she took the leap and went back to school. She joined the Diploma of Graphic Design course at RMIT and went all in. It was ‘now or never’ to her. And just like that, she’s never looked back. She’s currently working as an interpretive designer at Arterial Design and works across a number of collaborative ‘visitor destination’ projects, including aquariums, zoos, museums and exhibitions. We think it’s pretty cool.
Belief: Create something beautiful, learn along the way and contribute to the industry in a positive way.

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